Lunch boxes

Frozen lunch boxes

1 for 59 SEK, 3 or more for 50 SEK per box
Each box weights approximately 600 grams.

Available boxes

  • Z1 – Red curry chicken with bamboo shoots, served with rice
  • Z2 – Chicken with chilli paste, served with rice
  • Z3 – Pork with black pepper sauce and vegetables, served with rice
  • Z4 – Massaman yellow curry with potatoes, chicken and peanuts, severed with rice
  • Z5 – Thom kha gai (Chicken soup with coconut milk and lemongrass), served with rice
  • Z6 – Thom yam gai (spicy chicken soup with coconut milk), served with rice
  • Z7 – Khao pad gai (Fried rice with chicken)

Please contact us before ordering in case you have any allergies
Please place order 1 day in advance by contacting us either by Facebook or phone.

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